Lacking Energy, Always Tired Specially With A Hectic DJ Lifestyle

These 5 Super Easy Tips Will Give You Back Your Life

1. Drink Plenty Of Water! This is so critical and yet so few people drink enough clean water each day. Most people think they’re “hungry” when the reality is that they’re “thirsty” – they are dehydrated! Next time your energy is feeling low, grab a litre of water and drink up. It’s also a great idea to start your day with 500ml to 1 litre of chilled water with a squeeze of fresh lemon before you have anything else. Make a commitment to drink more water every day.

2. Get Moving! Move those mussels any way you can you may feel tired and run down but trust me – even the biggest sleepy heads have found mega energy by moving their body even just 15-30 minutes each morning of light exercise will give you a brilliant energy boost. Every morning when your feet hit the floor give your body a shake and say the words. Thank god l am alive l am moving grooving and going to have a good time
3. Be Happy! No-one likes a sour puss being around people who are miserable and bitter, so find gratitude and bless who you are and what you have. When someone asks you how you are, tell them you’re GREAT or UNBELIEVABLE (yep even if you feel like a pile of crap). It’s amazing how just saying those words impacts your overall well being and mindset about life and get you back on track with a positive happy attitude.
4. Blame It On The Sunshine! Get plenty of It the sun is not a deadly and dangerous enemy, it is one of the very sources of life. The sun is the greatest source of energy available to planet earth and all living things on it, so I encourage you to get outside in it! Of course, be sensible…don’t fry yourself to a crisp! Put a little cold-pressed coconut oil on your skin and get out for 20 minutes or so and gradually build up your exposure over time. The bio-photons of light from the sun also stimulate the emotional molecules of happiness and joy!

5. Wholefoods! Eat plenty of Wholefoods have you ever eaten a meal and then slipped into a “food coma? Do you know the one where you’re lying on the couch, completely exhausted and don’t want to move? When you eat a diet rich in Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds this never happens. Try it over a consistent period and you’ll see for yourself. Wholefoods give you massive energy – they give you LIFE!