Top 10 Skin Care Tips For Brides To Be

With all the pressures leading up to that all important wedding day we tend to eat erratic, sleep less and eat all the wrong foods, drink less water and all important worry like hell this along with the added stress can contribute to bad skin conditions and have no idea how to get it back to being soft, supple and youthful.

Everything from acne, rosacea and psoriasis to dry or oily skin, fine lines and wrinkles – it seems no matter the age, heaps of brides eventually end up with these skin challenges.

So what’s the source of unhealthy skin and why ?

The first thing to realise is that your skin is the largest organ of your body and it’s one of the most vital areas of waste elimination that you have.

That’s why people who frequently work up a sweat through exercise and activities like hot yoga, typically have amazing looking skin – the impurities and toxins are constantly being released from the body via their skin!

Secondly, there is a mountain of truth to the ‘ole saying, “You are what you eat (and drink)”.

Without question, your skin is a reflection of your total body health. That’s why people who Juice Cleanse (or fast) regularly, also have incredible looking skin…they’re frequently clearing out the nastiest (which generally manifest themselves as poor skin conditions) from the inside out.

By consistently eating a predominantly plant-based, wholefood diet, keeping hydrated and avoiding toxic medications and chemical-based skin creams, you’re almost guaranteed to have clear, hydrated, soft and glowing skin. It’s really not rocket science.

There are some dietary tips and habits that can help get your perfect skin back on track

Top 10 Tips For Glowing Skin!

Clean Water – Plenty of it everyday. Add some oranges, mint, limes and lemons if you’re not fond of the taste
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Drizzle it on food whenever you can and for dry skin apply topically before bed
Garlic – you can’t cook enough with this incredible food!
Lemon Juice – Especially good for Psoriasis. Drink the juice of one lemon each day and apply topically to affected areas 5 times per day and get out in the sunshine
Kale – Throw a handful in a smoothie
Avocado – My favourite! You can eat them and also apply topically as a face mask for hydration.
Berries – locally grown and whatever is in season
Red Gapes – Fermented is good too (yep no problem with organic sulphate-free wine!)
Nuts – Have them raw if possible, but cooked and salted is good too.
Sauerkraut – Make your own or buy from a health food store.
Apple Cider Vinegar (raw and organic e.g. Braggs) – use it to create a salad dressing or add a few teaspoons to your big morning glass of cold filtered water.

Once you start including more of these foods in your diet, the next step is to take a close look at what you’re putting ON your skin.

Scan the labels of your skin creams and personal care items. What you read may shock you (see if you can even pronounce half the things on there)!

Check out your deodorant, cleanser, soap, moisturiser or body soap ingredient listing, they will surprise you.

I encourage you to Google the dangers of the ingredients that are listed on those items. You’ll most likely discover that many of the ingredients are better suited to your cars engine than your body!


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