Salt Is Unquestionably One Of Planet Earth’s True Miracles

Salt is unquestionably one of planet earth’s true miracles, because virtually every living thing depends on it to function.

Plants rely on it from the earth (along with water and sunshine) to photosynthesis and grow, animals instinctively know where to find it and it’s the electric spark that the human body thrives on.

Now, I know I know…there are all those old wives tales out there that ridicule and smash salt, but most of those opinions stem from the campaigns that were instigated by the pharmaceutical industry several decades ago.

Ask Yourself  Why?

Because salt heals virtually everything. With enough nature-made salt in your diet, there is no need for any kind of medical drugs.

Your body thrives on salt.

Whether it’s wood-raked along the coastline, from the far reaches of the Himalayan rock mountains or from the depths of the oceans floor, so long as it’s nature-made salt that has not been chemically infused or messed with, you’re onto a winner!

Salt is not here on the earth by accident.

It delivers proper mineral balance to practically all of the earth’s plants and living creatures and every cell in your body depends on salt to perform at it’s best.

Our bodies rely on salt to keep good bone density, proper circulation and to stabilise blood sugar levels.

PLEASE don’t fall for the bought and paid for lies and propaganda designed to make you believe that salt is dangerous and bad for you. Nothing could be further from the truth!

So, how could something created by nature for the benefit of all living creatures on earth ever be considered dangerous? Well, it’s not…unless of course, where talking about commercially prepared salt.

Ordinary TABLE salt, for example, is manufactured by taking natural salt (such as crude oil flake leftovers) and heating it to 1200° Fahrenheit.

During this extreme process, the chemical composition is completely altered and all of the mineral content and nutritional benefits are destroyed.

That’s why generic TABLE salt ends up being about 97.5% sodium chloride and a 2.5% balance containing an array of ingredients including:
• Anti-caking chemicals
• Iodine
• MSG (a known toxin) and/or white processed sugar to help stabilize the iodine
• Aluminium derivatives such as sodium solo-co-aluminate.
These ingredients can not only be harmful but also extremely toxic.

They can cause swelling and, over time, major kidney, thyroid and liver problems, as well as the development of goiters, asedema, hypertension, heart disease, strained elimination systems, muscle cramps, water retention, edema, stroke, heart failure, PMS, and even major nervous system disorders such as anxiety and depression.

In my opinion, regular, commercial-grade “Table” Salt should NEVER be consumed.

Again, all of the benefits that salt delivers to the human body, can be found in PURE, UNREFINED, NATURE-MADE SALTS, not those found on your supermarket shelf or in your ‘run of the mill’ local restaurant or cafe.

The answer is one of Mother Nature’s Best – Celtic Sea Salt

One of the absolute purest sea salts on earth, that is jam-packed with minerals and healing properties is Celtic Sea Salt.

It tastes amazing and it’s a joy to sprinkle on all kinds of food. Put it in your kitchen pantry and take it with you wherever you go.

You can find Celtic Sea Salt at any good health food store, but to make it easy for you, I have sourced the finest Celtic Sea Salt in the world and it’s now available in the DTI webstore

Harvested using a 2000+ year old tradition, Celtic Sea is dried simply by the sun and wind. It’s then gathered with wooden rakes to maintain the integrity of all 84 minerals contained in the salt.

There is NO processing, bleaching or additives – just pure, unrefined celtic sea salt and it tastes incredible!

So enjoy a pinch or two knowing that life’s true essentials for health and longevity and simple pleasures comes in three’s Air, water, sunshine and you guessed it… SALT