DJ Horror Stories From Newlyweds

With Halloween just a day away l thought l might share some scary DJ Horror stories with you, to get you in the mood for Halloween

I have heard so many horror stories from clients over the years and seen amateur DJ’s ruin a perfectly planned function only to tarnish the reputation of the many other DJ’s out in the industry doing an excellent job


These are true DJ horror stories from newlyweds. These brides and grooms would probably pay anything now rather than settle for the cheapest priced DJ they found, they wish they could go back in time to have their wedding night over again.

Rachel and Matt had their wedding reception last May. They thought they hired a DJ that would follow their directions. What they got was disappointment. “We specifically told our DJ not to play the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance. Fifteen minutes after dancing began he played both, back to back!

Danielle and Mike recall a similar experience at their wedding reception, “We gave our DJ a list of our favourite songs that we wanted played during our party and he didn’t play one. We asked him repeatedly to play them and he refused until my bride was practically in tears.”

Dave and Jill weren’t so lucky during their reception. “We were dancing like maniacs, when all of sudden, silence. Our DJ lost power to his speakers for some reason and our party was pretty much over. It ruined our entire night.”

Sherri and Jim had a DJ that showed up to their wedding reception, in jeans! “I couldn’t believe this guy he thought that black jeans and tie were appropriate,” exclaimed Sherri’s mother. “We paid him almost a thousand dollars and he shows up like that? Unbelievable!”

Amy and Andrew’s DJ was dressed appropriately for their reception. However, they had a different problem. Andrew tells it best, “Our DJ was late. He was carrying his speakers and lights and stuff right past our receiving line! He looked completely disorganized and flustered. We didn’t even have any music until just before dinner”

Denise and Randy also had a disorganized DJ at their reception. “Our DJ was a nice guy, but I don’t think he had any idea what he was doing,” explains Denise. “He didn’t introduce our bridal party correctly, he forgot to announce the cake being cut, and it took us forever to start dancing after dinner. When we finally did our bridal dance, the DJ did it so abruptly that our photographer was still in the lobby taking pictures of our parents. Not only did the photographer miss the dance, so did our parents! It was a total disaster.”


Kathleen and Brian tried to save money by hiring a less-expensive DJ. They got what they paid for, “Our DJ didn’t even come prepared with any of the songs we discussed, not even the song Brian that I was going to dance to for our bridal dance! We ended up dancing to some song we never even heard of.”

A similar thing happened during Jackie and Don’s wedding. “Our DJ played rap all night, which we can’t stand. I looked through his CDs to try to find something else and all he had was rap. Most of my guests left before 10pm.”

“I think our DJ started to drink during dinner, recall Martin and Holly, by the time he was supposed to introduce the bridal dances he was slurring his words. Around 10:30pm he began to get belligerent with some of the guests. Then, near the end of the night, he passed out in the bathroom after peeing in his pants! It was a total nightmare.”

That last one was my favorite it’s hard to believe that someone would ever do that but before you lose all hope of never booking another DJ again, I am here to rest assure that this will never happen at one of the events DJ First attends, when l started my business way back in 1980 I was determine to curve out a career in the Entertainment industry as the a true DJ Professional and always striving to serve and exceed my clients expectations